We have been helping businesses with their translation, software localization, and global marketing for over 15 years

TranslationLoft | Who We Are

The TranslationLoft Team

TranslationLoft was founded by siblings Nial and Sinéad Healy with a view to combining their experience and strengths to offer customers new and innovative solutions for their translation and localization requirements. We combine professional translation with the latest software technology to help our customers meet the challenges of effective multilingual communication with their international customers.

In addition to our extensive freelance team of linguists, terminologists, and reviewers, the people behind TranslationLoft are:

Sinead Healy


With over 20 years’ experience on both customer and supplier sides of the industry, as well as a BA in European Studies from Trinity College and a MA in Applied Languages for Business from the University of Ulster, Sinéad brings a wealth of linguistic and project management expertise to the table. Like the rest of the team, she’s driven by a passion for languages and a commitment to high standards. On top of all this, she still manages to find time for sailing the open sea, one of her favourite pastimes.

Nial Healy


Nial has worked as a software developer for over 20 years (sheesh...) and brings software development, workflow and process experience and perspectives to TranslationLoft. With an academic background in Languages & Marketing/European Business Studies (University of Ulster), Nial initially worked in various multilingual marketing roles before retraining as a software engineer and plying his trade as an independent J2EE consultant. At TranslationLoft, Nial is responsible for marketing and product development, and uses his software development experience to incorporate software tools, processes, and best practices into the way we work.

Tom Ryan

Senior Linguist/Project Manager

With a BA in French and Irish from Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, an MA in Advanced Language Skills (French) from NUI Galway, and more than five years’ translation experience under his belt, Tom has vast linguistic expertise as well as being a senior project manager for TranslationLoft. Our go-to IT and process guy, Tom is highly proficient in the use of a wide variety of CAT tools, and this knowledge combined with his committed, positive approach to his work allows him to ensure that our customers always get the best service possible. When he’s not solving our IT problems, Tom’s usually to be found baking cakes for us, because he’s a nice guy like that.

Jenny Dolan

Senior Linguist/Project Manager

Whether it’s translation, proofing and editing, or project management, Jenny can always be relied on to carry out her work diligently, enthusiastically, and to the highest quality. A holder of not just one, but two MAs (in both German Studies and Translation Studies), Jenny’s an experienced linguist who fully understands the needs of our customers, and her sharp brain combined with her good humour and patience makes her an excellent project manager. She’s been with TranslationLoft since 2012, and now we just can’t imagine the office without her pitch-perfect singing and infectious energy.

Anne Molloy

Senior Linguist/Project Manager

Anne joined TranslationLoft in 2014, and her positive outlook, hard-working attitude, and meticulous attention to detail have made her an invaluable member of the team. A German and French BA graduate, as well as holder of an MA in Translation Studies, Anne is an experienced translator as well as an accomplished project manager, and her excellent organizational skills also mean that she’s adept at making our lives and those of our customers much easier. In her spare time, Anne enjoys cycling and playing the accordion – though not at the same time.

Maurice Nolan

Senior Linguist/Project Manager

Maurice has a BA in European Studies (French and Spanish) from the University of Limerick and an MA in Translation Studies from Dublin City University. He studied and worked in France and Spain for a number of years before getting snapped up by TranslationLoft in 2015. With his natural linguistic flair, contagious enthusiasm, and proactive attitude, Maurice has proven a valuable addition to, and perfect fit for, the TranslationLoft team. Outside the office, Maurice is an avid blogger and is currently making a valiant attempt at expanding his language portfolio, studying Portuguese and Basque.

Eoghan O’Reilly

Senior Linguist/Project Manager

With a BA in Commerce and German from UCC, an MA in Advanced Language Skills (German) from NUI Galway, and years of experience in the industry, Eoghan’s a key member of TranslationLoft’s linguistic team. His easy-going character and the dedicated approach he has to his work make Eoghan a standout translator and project manager, and he also puts us to shame with his wide range of hobbies – which include football, guitar, and even playing the samba drums. We're surprised he has time to come to work at all!

Magdalena Raven

Software Localization Engineer

When Magda joined TranslationLoft in 2016, she brought bags of industry expertise to the office, as well as some pretty impressive academic qualifications – including degrees in Computer Science and Landscape Architecture. In the past, Magda’s worked as an interpreter, a software developer, and an IT consultant, and here in TranslationLoft she specialises in the technical and design aspects of our translation-proxy services. As if all that wasn’t enough, she’s a big athletics fan and is also a dab hand in the kitchen.