A managed website translation service which is simple, professional, and affordable

Embracing professional website translation demonstrates to your international customers that you value their business.

A managed website translation service that is simple, professional, and affordable.

The quickest and most efficient way to launch a professionally translated, SEO-optimized website.

Professional Translation.   Multilingual Keyword Research.   Content Optimization.   International & Technical SEO.   Google Analytics.   International Domain Advice & Procurement.   Hosting & Full Support.  

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The challenge

The traditional website translation process is complex, inefficient, labour-intensive and error prone.

  • Content must first be manually extracted from the source website.

  • This content has to be collated and sent to a translation agency.

  • Translators then translate the content, typically without the benefit of actual website context.

  • The translated content must then be re-integrated into your website.

  • Functional and linguistic testing requires further coordination between content owners, web developers, and translators.
The complete process has to be repeated each time you update your content, and that’s just with one target language. Add further languages, and the process soon gets very hard to manage, soaking up valuable time and resources that could be better deployed growing your business.


There is a better way

You provide us with your website URL, and we manage the entire process from there.

The TranslationLoft website translation solution is based on ‘translation proxy’ technology. This is a widely adopted cloud-based technology that addresses the challenges of traditional website localization. Put simply, it takes the pain out of website translation and makes the whole process easy and hassle free.

Using just your existing website URL, our platform creates a mirror copy of your current website, which is hosted on the Google App Engine cloud-computing platform. The new-language website has the exact same style and functionality as your current English-language website.

Your new-language website is then fully optimized in terms of technical and international SEO, and the content is translated and SEO-optimized by pre-approved qualified translators and SEO linguists.

Any changes to your existing website are automatically detected, and can be translated and published directly or on approval from your nominated contact. Your new-language website is fully supported and we will work with you to translate and publish any design or content changes you require.

In summary, the result is a streamlined and efficient process that saves you time and money.

How it works

The ‘translation proxy’ software crawls your current website, extracts all the content, and creates a duplicate site in the cloud. This new-language site is completely separate from your English-language website, and there is no requirement for any CMS or backend access.

Once the content has been translated and optimized, and all required international and technical SEO has been implemented, your new-language website is published using a new international URL. We provide domain strategy, research, and procurement support, so you can secure the optimum domain for your new multilingual website. The most appropriate URL for your business will depend on whether you currently use a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) such as “.ie”, or a gTLD (generic top-level domain) such as “.com”.

We implement a minor DNS change to ensure that all traffic to your international URL is directed to your new localized and SEO-optimized website content. For example, all web requests to mybusiness.fr are now directed to the new French-language website content, and your English-language users will continue to access your original website using mybusiness.com just as before.

You can continue to make changes to the English-language website content and can opt to have these translated and published automatically, on approval, or not at all.


Website translation – The full picture

When it comes to website translation, there is always one important underlying business objective – to communicate effectively with your international customers, both new and existing.

To do so successfully requires professionally translated content. Quality really does matter and your international content must be credible and read well. Poor translation is immediately obvious to a native speaker and will reflect badly on your brand.

However, we must also ensure that your multilingual website reaches and engages your international customers. To achieve this, we need to do more than just add translated content to your website. We need to let search engines know who your content is intended for, so that they can deliver this content to your target international customers.

We do this by providing multilingual content that is optimized for language-specific search behaviour and served on language-specific URLs using an appropriate international domain. Ensuring that your content reaches your international customers also requires the correct configuration of international SEO elements such as Google Search Console registration and geotargeting, URL translation, and hreflang/multilingual sitemaps.

The success of any global marketing efforts must also be measured, and to do so, we need international website traffic data. We provide a fully integrated Google Analytics account from where you can monitor all international traffic for each translated website.

Our website translation service reflects these marketing imperatives. Content optimization, technical/international SEO, domain strategy advice, and Google Analytics are core elements of our innovative end-to-end service.

To launch your new SEO-optimized multilingual website, all we need is your current URL.

Simple & hassle-free, with super-fast turnaround.  All we need is your URL, and we manage the entire process from there. You can view a demo version of your new international website in days, and – depending on volume – have a professionally translated and SEO-optimized international version published in no time at all.
Professional translators, web developers, and SEO linguists. Our professional web-developers deliver a fully tested website with all the style and functionality of the original. Website content is translated and optimized by pre-approved, professionally qualified linguists, ensuring your content is of the highest quality and reads as if written by a native speaker.

Multilingual content optimization.  Thorough keyword research and use of the most valuable keywords at the appropriate density ensures your translated content is SEO-rich and performs well in international language searches.
International SEO optimization.  From tailored advice on domain strategy, to Google Search Console settings such as geotargeting and URL indexing, right up to other key configuration elements such as hreflang flags, URL translation/rewriting, and multilingual sitemaps, our service ensures that every website published is fully optimized for international SEO.

No IT expertise required.  There is no need to invest in new website instances, hosting accounts, or multi-site web server configuration expertise.
Web traffic analytics.  You benefit from a fully integrated Google Analytics account from where you can monitor all traffic from international visitors to your newly localized multilingual website.

Automatic change detection. All new and changed content is automatically detected, and can either be translated and published directly or sent to you first for approval.
No lock-in.  There’s no lock-in – all of your translated content is available to you at any time, and in any format you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of factors involved in calculating the cost of localizing your website, however the following prices should serve as a general guide. For a more detailed costing based on the specifics of your particular website, please get in touch with us directly.

  • Initial implementation fee (from €500 to €2500 depending on the size and complexity of your existing website)
  • Per-word rate of €0.15 to €0.22 for translation, depending on language pair and volume
  • Content optimization rate of €45 per hour, based on volume
  • Support/maintenance charge of €30 per month
  • Significant discounts apply for multiple languages
  • For a no-obligation customized quote for your website, send us your current website address using the form below

  • Automatic change detection
    A change detection feature alerts us when any changes are made to the content of your English-language website. Using this feature, we can detect, translate, and publish new or updated content to your new-language website in one seamless workflow. This greatly simplifies the process of managing continuous updates and facilitates a hands-off approach, giving you more time to focus on other important business objectives. We can also incorporate an optional approval step, whereby all changes have to be approved by you before being translated and published.

No. The translated versions of your website are completely separate to your existing website and are hosted on dedicated Google Cloud infrastructure. The platform accesses your current website in the very same way as a regular website visitor, using a standard web browser. There is no backend or database access required.

  • Language switcher component
    The only change to your existing website is the addition of a language switcher component to support navigation between language versions. This is typically in the form of a link or a drop-down list in the header area of your website. If you have access to a web developer or have a web development business that manages your website, we can liaise with them directly and provide example components that can be styled to match your existing style and colour palette. If you do not have current website support in place, we can implement this change for you.

  • DNS changes
    If your English-language website uses a generic top-level domain such as “.com”, a simple DNS change will be required to ensure that your new international URL points to your new-language website. The changes are very straightforward and can be implemented by ourselves directly, or alternatively we can liaise with your website developers or hosting company.

No problem. If, after trying our website translation platform, you decide it’s not the right option for you, we will provide you with all of your translated content in industry-standard XLIFF format. Other formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel are also possible. There is no lock-in – your translated content belongs to you and is available to you at any time.

The platform uses the Google App Engine hosting environment and also leverages Google Edge Cache technology. This ensures that your international users experience super-fast page loads, regardless of where in the world they are based.

No. This is not machine translation. Your content is translated by our preapproved, professionally qualified linguists with extensive experience in website translation and SEO. All of our translators are experts in creating credible and professional content that is grammatically flawless, SEO-rich, and reads as if originally written by a native speaker.

The translation proxy has no ability to connect to your web server database or make backend changes. The new-language website is completely separate from your existing website, and is hosted on the Google App Engine computing platform.

Send us your current website address for a free, no-obligation quotation and live preview of your new localized website.