Translated content that reads as if written by a native professional

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Professionally translated content

At TranslationLoft, we look at the bigger picture – what a text needs to achieve, who it should speak to, what you want to say, and how exactly you want to say it.

All of our in-house and freelance team members love language and have years of expertise in translation. Each has an in-depth understanding of and familiarity with the language they translate from ("source") as well as the language they translate into ("target"), and, crucially, they are always native in their target language.

We all work with the latest translation technology and can handle a wide variety of file formats, from XML and JSON to Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign. The content we deliver is therefore a mirror reflection of the source, both in terms of meaning and layout.

Whether it’s a press release, white paper, or installation guide, all content is always checked by a second senior professional translator, resulting in content that no-one will ever identify as a translation. As we see it, this is the mark of success – compelling content that reads as original copy written in the target language.