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Translation is often defined as "the process of translating words or text from one language into another". A logical definition, perhaps, but the devil is in the detail and a native speaker does not a professional translator make. The real art of translation lies in knowing how to convey a specific message in a way that other speakers of that language will understand based on their own cultural experience and background.

This is why TranslationLoft only works with professional, in-country translators with at least a third-level qualification in translation. All of our translators are talented linguists with dedicated areas of expertise and a proven track record in producing accurate, high-quality translations.

By engaging with a professional translation company, you create an identity for yourself in a given language and culture, making your customers feel valued and trusting of you as a local, familiar voice. Read on to learn more about how exactly we can help you with that.


At TranslationLoft, we look at the bigger picture – what a text needs to achieve, who it should speak to, what you want to say, and how exactly you want to say it. All of our in-house and freelance team members have a love of language and years of expertise in translation.
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Proofreading involves checking an existing translation to ensure that it accurately reflects the meaning of the source content, is free from grammar and spelling errors, and reads in a way that flows naturally for the intended audience.
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A good fit for multilingual ad campaigns, transcreation involves translating content in a way that takes into account the creative and emotional intent behind the original marketing message.
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MT Post-Editing

In an increasingly globalized world with ever-expanding volumes and ever-contracting deadlines, many customers are turning to machine translation (MT) to fulfil their translation needs. Yet machine translation has its limits...
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English Adaptation

The global drive to speak to customers in their local language applies to English also. Whether it's US English, UK English, or Australian English, using the right variant shows that you care enough about your customers to speak to them on their terms.
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