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Translation Proxy

What is it?

Translation proxy is a term that describes a simple cloud-based technology that we use to provide you with a fully functional language version of your website. This latest innovation in website translation technology allows us to take a copy of your existing site, translate it professionally, SEO-optimize the content, and then host your mirror-image language version on our secure servers. Translation proxy takes the cost and complexity out of the traditional website translation process, making it faster, easier, and more affordable than ever.

How does it work?

From a technical perspective, the translation proxy service sits in front of your web server and serves multilingual versions of your website pages using a URL of your choice, such as http://fr.mybusiness.com. The complete process is outlined in the following steps:

  • You provide us with your existing website URL
  • The pages from your existing website are extracted
  • A mirror or duplicate version of your site is created, with all of the original content, functionality, and style
  • We carry out an in-depth SEO analysis of your content and subject domain, and conduct thorough keyword research
  • We then use the identified keyword data to translate your website content in an SEO-rich manner
  • Your new language website is then securely hosted on our Google servers
  • Your new customers access your global website using a URL of your choice
  • Any changes or additions to your original website are automatically detected by the platform
  • We can translate your changed content as it is detected, or on approval by your nominated contact
Is the translation of high quality and is the content SEO-optimized?

Absolutely. This is not machine translation. Your content is translated by our professionally qualified linguists. Linguists with years of experience in SEO translation are trained to create credible and professional content that is grammatically perfect, SEO-rich, and reads as if originally written by a native speaker.

What if I change or add new content?

This is where translation proxy becomes really compelling. We can detect, translate, and publish these changes to your new language site automatically. The translation workflow is greatly simplified and completely seamless. Time-consuming workflow steps such as identifying and extracting changed content, getting that new content to and from your translators, and re-integrating it back into your language website are a thing of the past.

The translation workflow can also include an approval step whereby translation and SEO optimization do not proceed until approved by your nominated contact. Other customized workflow options include a customer sign-off step in which the completed translations can be viewed in context before being published to your live website.

In essence, the process of managing continuous updates is greatly simplified, saving you project management effort, important resources, and valuable time.

Is it secure?

The page view that is translated via the translation proxy is the exact same as the page view that is accessed by any user of your website, i.e. it only has access to the content that can be seen using any standard web browser. The translation proxy has no ability to connect to your web server database or make changes to your backend. The new language website is completely separate from your existing website, and is hosted on our own Google servers.

How much does it cost?

There is an initial setup fee, which depends on the size and complexity of your existing website, and a monthly subscription thereafter.

What if I change my mind?

If, after trying translation proxy, you decide for whatever reason it is not the right option for you, we will provide you with all of your translated content in industry-standard xliff format. Other formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel are also possible.