When is translation proxy the right choice?

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Website Translation vs. Translation Proxy

When is translation proxy the right choice?

Translation proxy is particularly suited for cases where the new language website closely resembles the original site in terms of size and design. Remember, the new language site is a copy of your original site and while we can remove pages, it is not possible to add new content or substantially redesign the pages. Translation proxy is a very compelling solution when it comes to translating your website – but it is not the only solution. If your international marketing strategy requires you to have a customized website design for each target market, the flexibility of traditional website translation provides a better fit – and is also something we can help you with.

Translation proxy offers real benefits in terms of removing the technical complexity from the translation process. However, if you have a team of web developers and software engineers at your disposal, this benefit is less compelling. But for those of you who would appreciate not having to deal with the technical challenges of multilingual website architecture, translation proxy offers real value.

Does your website content change frequently? If so, would you benefit from a more streamlined translation workflow? With translation proxy, it is possible to have a workflow where all that is required of you is to create your original content. Everything else is taken care of – the platform manages the entire process of identifying, extracting, translating, and re-integrating all translated content. If this or other similar workflow variations sound appealing, then translation proxy should be a good fit for your organization.

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