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Consistent terminology lowers translation costs and improves clarity and coherence

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Terminology Management

What are the benefits of managing your terminology?

Good terminology management provides the building blocks for your brand identity and is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your organization speaks with one voice, in every market. At its core, it involves the identification and precise definition of the key source terms that are most closely associated with your organization's product range, service offering, and brand identity. The aim is to ensure that organization-specific terminology is used consistently both in the source language and in the various target languages, across all types of company content – UI, Help, web content, marketing collateral, etc. The use of approved, precisely defined terminology reduces duplication and ambiguity in the source and results in clearer, more accurate translations that are more readily understood by customers in your target market.

Terminology management is a collaborative effort in which our terminologists work alongside our customers’ technical writers, developers, and marketers. The process starts with creation of an initial list of the terms and concepts that are most important to how the customer wants their product, service, and brand identity to be perceived. This list can be created using automated terminology extraction tools or through the manual identification of key terms drawn from your company’s product and marketing corpora. Once this initial seed list has been approved, our terminologists create a precise definition for each term together with important metadata such as part of speech, context, and usage examples. The seed list is then translated into the various languages, approved by in-country validators, and converted into a terminology database. This terminology database can then be integrated into the relevant translation software where it will go a long way towards ensuring consistent use of your approved terminology across all translated company content.