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Source Scrubbing

What is source scrubbing?

Source scrubbing involves an in-depth review of the original English content. The goal is to ensure that it is free from errors that would make the content hard to understand or cause confusion for the reader or end user. Ambiguity in the source text will almost always be exacerbated on translation and result in even greater confusion for potential clients in your target markets. It makes sense to get it right, first time.

Source scrubbing focuses on the following:
Language structure
The first step is to analyze the content in terms of language structure. Our approach is guided by the rules of Standard Technical English, which focuses on conveying the crux of the information in a way that is clear, concise, and comprehensible. Text that is easier to understand is easier to translate. By eliminating inconsistent, redundant, and unnecessarily lengthy text, word counts are reduced and language structures are standardized. This allows better leverage from translation memory and, when combined with lower word counts, results in tangible savings in translation.

Synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations cause confusion. If multiple terms are used for the same concept, translators will assume there is a difference in meaning and translate accordingly, thus perpetuating the initial confusion in the target language. Part of our source scrubbing service involves identifying and defining a key list of terms that should be used consistently by developers, technical writers, and translators. For more information about our full Terminology service, see here.

In the case of software, another benefit of source scrubbing is the opportunity to identify and remove redundant or legacy text. Strings that are no longer used, because the feature has been updated, for example, can be identified and removed from the translatable text, thus reducing word counts and translation costs.

Grammar, punctuation, syntax
We also check for and resolve errors in grammar, punctuation, and syntax. This not only makes the text easier to translate, it results in a cleaner source text that better reflects the professional image of your company.