Translation is a collaborative process

The more your translators know about your business, the better your translation will be

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Query Management

Ensuring translation quality with effective query management

Responding to translator queries may seem tedious and time-consuming, but good query management is an important aspect of any efficient localization process. Apart from providing translators with the clarification they need in order to translate as accurately as possible, the querying process provides an invaluable opportunity to hone and enhance your source content. This collaborative approach between translator and author is a key element of today’s agile localization model and an integral part of the iterative process of producing good content.

As the main point of contact between the translation teams and your developer or author, our role is to collate, classify, escalate, and resolve queries using an online query database that is shared with all translators across all language pairs. This centralized database of query answers grows with each drop to provide a rich repository of information that allows translators to build up deep product expertise over the lifetime of a project.