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Multilingual Keyword Research

Think global with your SEO strategy

When it comes to international SEO, the single most important thing to get right is your keywords. Expertly adapted multilingual keywords are the cornerstone of any global SEO strategy worth its salt and a sure-fire way of boosting visibility and improving your ranking in local search engine results.

At its simplest, a keyword is a word or phrase that a customer in your target market is likely to enter in a search engine when searching for a product or service like the one you’re selling. If this search term does not exist somewhere on your localized web page, the likelihood is this customer will never find you.

Given that every language has evolved in its own, unique environment to meet specific needs and express certain concepts, word-for-word translation is rarely a viable option. This is especially true in the case of multilingual keywords.
For example, despite French having two commonly used words for “car” – “auto” and “voiture” – a French customer looking for new car tyres will only ever use the search words “pneus de voiture”. Companies who attempt to sell “pneus d’auto” in France will get very few hits on their website. And just because two customers share the same language doesn’t mean they will search for the same product using the same keywords. For example, a customer based in Spain who’s looking to buy a computer will search for “ordenador”, whereas someone from Argentina will search for “computadora”.

To get your multilingual keywords really working for you, you need more than just translation skills. You need to get into the mindset of your customers in each specific market in order to emulate their search behaviour and inform your choice of keywords. This is exactly the approach we take here at TranslationLoft. Working with our experienced SEO team, based all over the world, we have the cultural sensitivity, transcreation expertise, and intimate market knowledge needed to ensure your keywords catch people's attention, instil trust and, ultimately, encourage them to invest in what you have to offer.

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