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Audio and Video Translation

Share your multimedia marketing content with audio and video translation

Translating your audio and video content is a simple and cost-effective way of sharing your multimedia marketing content with an international audience. It is also a great way of sharing internal company information such training and instructional videos with employees working in different countries. When you opt for audiovisual translation with TranslationLoft, you can ensure that everyone, from your customers to your staff, are on the same page, no matter where they are.

Whether it's audio or video translation you need, the process typically starts with transcription of the source content. This involves having each word that is displayed on the screen or spoken in the clip typed up into a file called a transcript. This transcript is then translated into the target language by professionally trained translators with specialist expertise in the given domain.

Our team of audiovisual translators are keenly aware of the specific demands of audiovisual translation. They consider aspects such as timing, length restrictions, cultural factors, and the need to hit just the right tone, style, and register for each individual piece of content. If you plan to use your video captions on YouTube, for example, our team will know exactly which SEO-friendly keywords to incorporate into the translated text in order to improve your ranking in results pages of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The end product is a fully translated, SEO-friendly captions file that you can use in conjunction with your English video content.

Working with a professional recording studio and native voiceover talent, TranslationLoft can also provide an industry-grade audio recording of your multilingual captions for direct integration into your Prezi slide pack, product demo, or online ad campaign.