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The importance of language management

Finding it hard to keep track of translation quality? Snowed under with queries from different language teams?

TranslationLoft can help lighten your load by acting as the sole point of contact for all your language management needs. We provide a full suite of translation support services to help manage essential non-translation tasks such as quality management, source language management, terminology management, query management, and language asset management.

Quality Management

When localizing into multiple languages, one of the biggest challenges can be finding the time and resources needed to check the quality of translations delivered by your language service provider. How can you be sure that the quality is as good as they claim it to be? Especially when dealing with languages outside your comfort zone?
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Source Language Management

If there are flaws and inconsistencies in the source text, the likelihood is that these flaws and inconsistencies will be reproduced in the translated versions also. By anticipating, highlighting, and resolving issues prior to translation, we can help you avoid costly problems, queries, and errors during translation, and significantly improve the quality and impact of both your source and target text as a result.
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Terminology Management

Using approved, precisely defined terminology reduces duplication and ambiguity in your source text and results in clearer, more accurate translations that are more readily understood by customers in your target market. Good terminology management provides the building blocks for your overall brand identity and is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your organization speaks with one voice, in every market.
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Query Management

Responding to translator queries may seem tedious and time-consuming, but good query management is an important aspect of any efficient localization process. Apart from providing translators with the clarification they need in order to translate as accurately as possible, the querying process provides an invaluable opportunity to hone and enhance your source content.
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Language Asset Management

If you’re responsible for managing large multilingual projects, you’ll know that keeping on top of language-specific style guides, glossaries, and instruction kits can be a challenge. But to get the most from your localization efforts and ensure all languages are in synch, clear ownership and centralized management of these important linguistic assets are essential.
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